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What do you think about "UMI-NO-OHKAN"?

It doesn't smell fishy!

Housewife Hatsumi Wada

I have a keen sense of smell, so I don’t like fishy smells, but I didn’t notice any when I ate “UMI-NO -OHKAN”. So I often use it and it doesn’t smell, even after 5 days when it is kept in proper storage. So I think it allows you to choose various menus. Here is my favorite; I buy a block of OHKAN first, and make sashimi and carpaccio while it is fresh, and season the rest of the block to make tempura later. This is good for lunch boxes. I sometimes enjoy fried OHKAN and season it like sweet & sour pork. It tastes good.

The consistent quality is excellent!

Head chef of FUMOTO restaurant at MICHI-NO-EKI TARUMIZU Mikio Uchi

I feel “UMI-NO-OHKAN“is different from other fishery products when I put my knife into it. It is delivered here directly from a fish pen, so its freshness is really great and the springy meat is good for seafood sashimi on rice and in sashimi set meals. I think that it has no extra oil. As a cook, I can use it free from worry because of its stable quality throughout the year. Carpaccio, which I often serve to my customers, is a very popular menu and you can enjoy it at home with commercial dressings.

Rumiko Hirano

Our customer's favorite!!Restaurant's Specialty"ZUKE-DON"

This amberjack sashimi on rice is the most popular at the Fishermen's Restaurant OHKAN. It's not oily but mild and light. It comes with a simmered fish with soy sauce, a vinegared dish, miso soup, pickles and coffee jelly.

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643-6 Kaigata,Tarumizu City,
Kagoshima Prefecture 891-2101,JAPAN
TEL : 0994-32-1165

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In 2004,Tarumizu City Fishermen's Cooperative received Kagoshima no sakana brand recognition.

In 2004,Tarumizu City Fishermen's Cooperative received "Kagoshima no sakana" brand recognition.