Prime Amberjack raised in Kagoshima Bay THE STORY OF UMI-NO-OHKAN

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The breeders

We love our homeland, and we love Amberjack!Gentle Fishermen living in Tarumizu.

The Tarumizu City Fishermen's Cooperative has 723 members. Compared with other fishery cooperatives around the country,our coop has many second-generation and third-generation members.Their vitality and youth are the foundations of our steady production. All members make efforts every day to breed and supply better fish with better quality. They are indeed working in earnest.

living in Tarumizu.

Union is Strength.

Our fishermen always work and proceed together. This may go without saying but it is the secret of our strong bond.

Union is Strength.

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643-6 Kaigata,Tarumizu City,
Kagoshima Prefecture 891-2101,JAPAN
TEL : 0994-32-1165

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In 2004,Tarumizu City Fishermen's Cooperative received Kagoshima no sakana brand recognition.

In 2004,Tarumizu City Fishermen's Cooperative received "Kagoshima no sakana" brand recognition.