Prime Amberjack raised in Kagoshima Bay THE STORY OF UMI-NO-OHKAN

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About Us

Authorized Improvement Planning

As a result of the Act, Maintenance of Sustainable Aquaculture Production, which took effect in 1990, we have made a voluntary improvement plan long before the other fishery cooperatives in our country. Moreover, we have been authorized by Kagoshima Prefecture to maintain our fish farms in good condition, and to follow the sustainable use of fishing grounds so that our customer can buy our products at ease. Another factor in the authorization is the stable improvement of the fishery grounds.


  • Tarumizu Village Fishermen's union
    Established on the 8th of May in 1911
  • Tarumizu Town Fishermen's Cooperative
    Democratically-established in 1949
  • Tarumizu City Fishermen's Cooperative
    Established by the municipal government in 1958
  • Tarumizu City Fishermen's Cooperative
    Transferred credit business to Kagoshima
    Prefectural Credit Federation of Japan
    FisheriesCooperatives in May in 1994


(at the date of 30th of April in 2009)

721(456 Full Members (including 45 female members),
265 Associate Members)
Board members
12(9 Directors, 3 Auditors)
25(16 males, 9 females)
Management entities of each type of fisheries
・Fish culture industry 59 entities・Small-scale trawl fishery 13 entities
・Small-scale purse seine fishery 2 entities・Gill net fishery 63 entities
・Long line fishery 27 entities・Miscellaneous fishery 36 entities
・Single-hook handle-line fishing 186 entities
・Others 16 entities
Number of fishing boats
・Under 1 ton 166 boats・Under 5 ton 235 boats
・More than 5 ton 154 boats
TOTAL 555 boats
Situation of Aquafarm
Fishery Ground Mean water depth about 120m
(Shallowest bottom: 67m, Deepest bottom:153m)
Standardized size of a fish pen
8m cubic
Permitted fish pen
587 fish pens

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643-6 Kaigata,Tarumizu City,
Kagoshima Prefecture 891-2101,JAPAN
TEL : 0994-32-1165

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In 2004,Tarumizu City Fishermen's Cooperative received Kagoshima no sakana brand recognition.

In 2004,Tarumizu City Fishermen's Cooperative received "Kagoshima no sakana" brand recognition.