Prime Amberjack raised in Kagoshima Bay THE STORY OF UMI-NO-OHKAN

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Safety systems

The Cooperative and fishermen share the same feelings.The spirit of teamwork.

To supply safe food, we set up an environmental sanitation control laboratory and began a self-imposed testing system carried out by the authorized fish health protectioner and Type 4 water pollution control manager.

Diagnosis of fish disease

We try to increase the survival rate by early detection and rapid cures as well as producing instruction in the proper use of medicine.We also diagnose of parasite infections, germ disease, sand viral diseases, and perform drug susceptibility tests (bacterial cultivation).

Diagnosis of fish disease
Drug residue check

Drug residue check

To maintain safety and reliability, we perform a drug susceptibility test on one amberjack per fish pen at shipping.

Water quality test

We check the water quality (temperature, salinity concentration and dissolved oxygen) in fishery grounds automatically around the clock.It enables us to feed fish properly and effectively so that we can reduce the cost of feed and the burden on fishery grounds.The data is accessible by cell-phone.

Water quality test

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In 2004,Tarumizu City Fishermen's Cooperative received Kagoshima no sakana brand recognition.

In 2004,Tarumizu City Fishermen's Cooperative received "Kagoshima no sakana" brand recognition.